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Mystery Shopper Service

How is your business performing when you're not there? Are you achieving your customer service delivery goals? Is there something you've missed?

After all the efforts to set yourself up for success, how do you know if the results are on target? What are your checks and balances?

How do you know if you've missed something? Is there something that can be improved? What happens to service standards when you're not in the business?

Did you know that Mystery Shoppers can:

> Provide you with fresh, unbiased eyes, from a customer's perspective, on how your customer experience is being delivered and received including some possible ways to improve.

> Provide you with timely insight into your customer's satisfaction levels, the standard of products being served, cleanliness of venue, quality of service and more

> Provide you with targeted feedback on staff adoption of specific changes made to service procedures, sales campaigns, customer service protocols etc

> Keep your team more focused when owners/venue managers are away from the business, knowing that Mystery Shoppers can audit at any time

> Help create and monitor benchmarks for your performance goals and team KPI incentive programs

> Discover how your performance compares with your competitors

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A cost effective feedback program

Combined with your other feedback systems, Mystery Shopper Reports help to keep you informed

What's the cost?

A regular customer who buys a coffee Monday to Friday all year round generates a gross contribution margin of $700 to help pay wages, rent and other fixed costs.

Lose that 1 customer, lose $700 a year. That's just 1 modest repeat customer. A customer that repeatedly spends $100 a week is worth almost $3,300 a year.

Having an ongoing Mystery Shopper program is a very cost effective way to help ensure you're sparing no effort to ensure your business is keeping its regulars happy and satisfied, service standards are maintained and improved to attract new customers, converting them into additional repeat customers to grow your business.

You can schedule a one off, monthly or weekly visit, or a program tailored to suit your specific budget and needs. We have assembled an elite team of seasoned industry professionals who live and breath excellence: Trainers, Judges, Competitors. 

Mystery Shopper #1 "Having been in hospitality for over 19 years I am passionate about the industry. I have experience within franchised business and I find these days cafes lack structure and consistency. Given my background I like to inspire baristas and staff to be passionate and find their “whys” for their job. Once you motivate the team they will help your business grow"

Mystery Shopper #2 "I have worked in specialty cafes all my life; I pay close attention to the operations and minor details that can affect a cafes ability to run smoothly, appear clean and how the business as a whole displays itself to customers. I have been part of a number of cafes highest growth and success periods."

Mystery Shopper #3 "Melbourne trained with an intense commitment to customer service. Experience spanning 3 decades including specialty cafe operations, training, roasting, competing, judging and consulting."

We can service cafes/restaurants from Northern NSW up to the Sunshine Coast. Get in touch to see how we can help.